The city of Havana will receive all the colleges from different provinces of the country, who together with participants from other countries will celebrate a national congress expected by all of us for a long time, a Second Caribbean Regional Symposium (A. P. A. L.) and the first international workshop on Community Mental Health to be held at the Conferences Center (September 8 – 11 2005)

Who will participate?

  1. Members of the Psychiatric Cuban Society having the fees on time.
  2. Members of the Mental Health Teams.
  3. Those persons who have been selected in the different provinces.

Inside and outside the Congress:

The pre – congress courses (26) with current topics and which will be when combining the training activity with the visit to places of our cultural and turistic patrimony.

You should pay them since august 22, at the Scientific Board located al L and 23 St. , Vedado (Plaza municipality) with the cost of $25 M/N. The site of these courses will be located at places of easy transportation.

People from the inner part of the country may pay the cost if they like to visit the city on vacations or during the time of the registration (September 6, 7).

More information about the topic of the site courses:

If you are not selected as a member of your province delegation you may choose a course to get a reward. People coming from our province with the delegation will have the responsibility of bringing up your poster and get a diploma by presenting a work i an international event, as well as, to publish the work in a CD of the event memory.

You can also participate in the “Cuban Night” activity where you can see the beauty of La Fortaleza de la Cabaña from its flat roof of the square Plaza de Armas with a view to the city, “El Cañonazo” ceremony, an artistic show, dancing music. A buffet and transportation are also included only by $90.00 M/N. You can also make the reservation when making the registration on August 22 a the Scientific Board.

You have the possibility to link this activity with science.

The registration will be carried out since August 22 at the Scientific Board. By a cost of $250 M/N you may participate in the congress, getting a delegate is credential and a diploma, as well as the possibility o participate in the working sessions, in a welcome cocktail and in two lunches during September, 9, 10. Transportation from different places of the city and a farewell lunch at included, too,

We hope it will be an useful information for you. During the event we will enjoy a special activity called “Meeting among friends” be held on September 9, at Grand Foyerd Palace , where we will have the opportunity to meet as friends.

Didn't you know that the Secretary from the Caribbean of APAL to whom the 7 th Psychiatry National Congress will be dedicated, is here in Cuba .

To answer, contacts aludposible@infomed.sld.cu

So long

Miriam de la Osa